Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Taxesand paint.

For the records I am enjoying the tedious nature of our tax system. The records for this project are a nightmare.

Never the less I was working on the taxes and was humored to note that we spent $892 in paint. This is pretty impressive considering that more than half the paint was mis-tints.

Monday, December 21, 2009

New Projects

Hi friends, I am not sure that you know but we have purchased another great project. This one is a 1890's four square in Ashland. It has a Tonne of work to do, but should be great when finished. Amoung other things; roof, foundation, windows, interior, plumbing, electrical.. Anything other than burning it down and starting over, I am noy sure.
Visit the new blog:

Saturday, May 16, 2009

An Offer has been accepted.

I want to thank all of you who have spent time visiting. I especially appreciate those friends and acquaintances of Victor Anderson who shared stories about life in the 50's and the former Governor.

I am glad to say that we have received and accepted an offer on the house which gets the job done. We are hoping to close around the 15th of June.

Thanks again for all the encouragement in this project. We have worked hard to breath new life into this house and I am really pleased with what we accomplished. This is a very usable and historically fascinating house and I think it will serve the new owners well.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viewing details and paperwork

OPEN HOUSE: Sun, 10-May, 2-6pm

Visiting: By appointment, or with authorized Realtor.

Buyers agents are welcome, a 2% commission is offered.
Our house is now listed under the MLS (10072328) and real estate search engines.
Here is our listing.

To schedule a viewing of this house and property, call Chester Davis at (402)-419-9428.

Making an offer
To place an offer please download and print the NE standardized form and deliver it to me in person or by mail.

If you have questions please call and I will do what I can, however seek legal advice if needed.

Responding to offers
Every offer that is submitted will be responded to within 2 days. When an offer has been submitted I will post to the blog that an offer has been submitted. If there are multiple offers I will inform each party involved that there are multiple offers and provide the opportunity to make any desired changes to your offer. Your privacy and the contents of your offer will not be disclosed to any other parties, except as required by law.

Other Information
Visiting the NE real estate commission ( provides excellent resources for the home buyer. I recommend reading the pamphlet they have prepared. It is called "the consumer guide to buying and selling homes" (

Friday, April 24, 2009

Basic Information

3 bedrooms, 1+ bath, 1797 square feet, 2 & 1 car garage. Asking $97k.

6501 Havelock.
A large fenced corner lot with mature shade trees. A 2 car garage and a 1 car garage/workshop with separate electrical service and plenty of outlets. Also included is a steel woodshed. Outdoor pictures. Garage pictures.

Main Floor Features
Lots of historical charm! Large living room, EPA Approved fireplace, generous office space, refinished wood floors in entryway, new carpet, remodeled kitchen. First floor pictures.

Second Floor features
3 large bedrooms, generous closets, refinished hardwood floors, full bathroom with separate tub and shower. Second floor pictures.

Outdoor pictures

It's spring, and the work is finally done. Don't you think that deserves a new round of pictures?

We did, and we've been getting emailed requesting pictures of this or that, so we finally did it.

Here's the front-ish sides of the house -- views from Havelock and from 65th street (since it's on the corner).

The Garages

The shed

The back porch

Historical Charm